Dania Beach CRA
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City and CRA Incentives PDF Print E-mail

To support businesses and to help with curb appeal and a general overall appearance, the CRA has several incentive programs encouraging owners to showcase their properties.  The friendly environment fostered by Dania Beach officials and the willingness to attract potential investors is foremost in promoting new business and construction.

Facade and Exterior Grant Program

About the program:

The CRA Facade Grant Program is an incentive available to businesses located in the CRA for aesthetic improvements to the exterior of a commercial building and site.  Painting of the building, installation of awnings, new doors/windows, landscaping, and brick pavers are typical improvements covered by the Facade Grant Program.

All applications will be scored based on the following criteria and in the event that multiple completed applications are received within a 30 day window, the highest scoring applications shall prevail.  The CRA may provide a grant of up to $20,000 with a 20% match from the business. 

Scoring for applications that are received by the CRA shall be based upon a 100 point value system:

 Location- 40 Points

Businesses located along US-1/Federal Hwy and Dania Beach Blvd corridors shall receive the maximum points allotted in this category.  Businesses that are outside of these targeted areas shall receive 20 points.

Use of sustainable materials- 20 Points

Sustainable materials might include for example xeriscaping, energy efficient lighting, environmentally sensitive paint or other types of sustainable or green initiatives.  The maximum number of points allocated for the category means that the applicant has incorporated numerous green initiatives into their design.

In Business longer than three (3) years- 20 Points

If the applicant has been in business between 0-1, they receive 0 points; 1-2 years, they receive an automatic 10 points.  If they have been in business 3 years or longer then the applicant will receive the maximum number of points for this category

Other renovations and business improvements outside of CRA incentives - 20 points.

If applicant contributes funding, (see table below for contribution point scale) above the required 20% match in order to make additional improvements to their business, they may receive up to 20 points.





$2,500 - $4,999


$5,000 - $7,499


$7,500 - $9,999


$10,000 and above


The Facade Grant Program benefits are contingent upon funding availability and approval by the CRA Board.  Facade Grant Program benefits are not to be construed as an entitlement or right of a property owner or applicant.  Grant funding for properties in the CRA boundries is only available when such funding is consistent with the goals expressed in the CRA Strategic Finance Plan or Community Redevelopment Plan. 

Property to be improved must not have any delinquent ad valorem taxes, be free of all municipal and county liens, judgments and encumbrances of any kind.  This provision can be waived by the CRA Board if development plans for the property meet the goals and objectives as set forth in the Dania Beach CRA Plan. Upon grant approval, the property must remain free of all municipal and county liens, judgments or encumbrances of any kind under the term of the agreement.

Dania Beach CRA Merchant Assistance Program

About the program:

The Merchant Assistance Incentive Program (Program) is designed to assist merchants in increasing sales through design, merchandising and marketing techniques. The Program is available only to restaurants or retail businesses located within the Dania Beach CRA (the Agency).  The incentive is limited to the following activities; re-design (such as reconfiguring the floor-plan and improving flow, replacing flooring and lighting and adding paint or decorative wall coverings)  and re-merchandise an occupied space (such as reorganizing merchandise through the use of improved display cabinets or other display systems and reconfiguring the flow of displayed items based on best practices), advise restaurant/retail operators in advertising, marketing, promotion, sales and service techniques and other related tools, and to stimulate sales and improve profitability for business retention purposes. 

Dania Beach CRA Strategic Investment Program (SIP) for projects up to $5,000,000.

The intent of the CRA is to improve the economic conditions of Dania Beach in general, but more particularly impact the residents, employees and property and business owners within the CRA by encouraging development opportunities that expand the tax base, create jobs, enhance the urban design and add to the quality of life.  The maximum amount allotted under this program is $50,000.  The initial step relates to the project’s ability to meet specific CRA related objectives.

The intent of the SIP is to:

Serve as a catalyst to stimulate private investment.

Reduce or eliminate financial gaps in development projects.

Support the development of new economic generator activities in mixed-use environments/facilities.

Generate leasing activity for retail, office and restaurant uses as well as residential uses.

Encourage quality design and secure key anchor tenants to enhance the marketability of adjacent properties..

Housing Investment Program- (HIP) for projects up to $5,000,000.

Program Priniciples:

The Dania Beach CRA will collaborate with private sector property owners, developers, institutions or civic organizations to expand the residential investment opportunities that meet the implementation goals and objectives of the CRA Plan.  The intent of this CRA program is to promote the residential development of a variety of housing types that address the needs of a  mix of household income levels.

The Objectives of the HIP are to:

Serve as a catalyst to stimulate residential investment for both for-sale and rental products.

Reduce or eliminate financial gaps that cannot be addressed through conventional financing.

Encourage quality residential design.

Create identifiable, residential neighborhoods for a mix of household incomes.

Effectively monitor the fiscal impact of the program.

Dania Beach Economic Lending Partnership (DBELP)

What is the City of Dania Beach Economic Lenders Partnership (D.B.E.L.P.) Financial Consortium?

D.B.E.L.P. is a group compromised of representatives from the City of Dania Beach’s Department of Business & Economic Development and area banks and other non-conventional financial institutions who have joined forces to streamline access to capital to local businesses.

The business owner  can submit just one loan application to the D.B.E.L.P. Financial Consortium to be reviewed by representatives of several financial institutions, instead of submitting a separate business loan application to each financial institution.  This process ensures that (1) the business owner has the opportunity to have the application reviewed by several financial institutions at one time; (2) the business owner’s credit score is not negatively impacted by various financial institutions pulling credit reports prior to approval or denial and (3) the business owner will have access to business resources if needed to strengthen the loan application for a future submittal if the loan application is denied by all Consortium members.

Business owners interested in acquiring a loan from DBELP must complete and submit a loan application to the Financial Consortium. The deadline for loan applications is the 15th of each month when loans will be reviewed by the Financial Consortium Board. Supporting documents, personal credit history and other pertinent information should be sent into the City of Dania Beach Department of Economic Development. Loan applications can be downloaded below..


Other Incentives 

Florida Economic Gardening Program

The Florida Economic Gardening Pilot Program was created by the Florida Legislature in January, 2009.  The purpose of the pilot program is to stimulate investment in Florida’s economy by providing loans to expanding businesses in the State.

The Economic Gardening Pilot Program has two components.

(1) The Business Loan Program

EGBLP is designed to support those second stage growth businesses that are in the best position to use the loan to continue making a successful long-term business commitment to Florida.  The EGBLP has $8.5 million in funding available to lend to businesses statewide with a minimum loan of $50,000 and a maximum loan of $250,000.  Loans may be used for working capital, employee training, or salaries for newly created jobs.  One (1) job must be created for every $50,000 borrowed.  Interest only is due during the first twelve (12) months of the loan, after which the loan is amortized over four years.  Interest rates will be a minimum of 2% and a maximum of the prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal, plus 4%.

(2) The Technical Assistance Pilot Program.  

The TAPP is designed to assist second stage growth businesses with strategic and tactical growth issues.  The program is intended to be a totally flexible business assistance program tailored to the specific key issues of each business and it’s CEO.  The TAPP has $1.5 million available in funding.  As issues are identified, businesses selected to participate in this program will have access to an experienced team who have been working with similar size growth businesses on specific issues and who will respond with business solutions in a quick turn around period.

Please contact the Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF) by phone at (407)649-4790 or at www.bbif.com or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions about the loan program.

Building Materials Sales Tax Refund

This is a direct tax refund for the purchase of building materials used in the rehab or new construction of residential or commercial property.  The work must be permitted and the materials cost must exceed $8,600.

Owners, lessors, lessees are eligible.

Two methods of reimbursement

Must be claimed within six (6) months of Certificate of Occupancy date with invoices.

Total refund is limited to $5,000 or $10,000 if 20% or more of the total employees are Enterprise Zone residents.

One time per parcel / per owner.

Business Equipment Sales Tax Refund

The purpose of this refund is to reduce the cost of certain pieces of fixed capital equipment for business.

Refund of actual sales tax paid vs. credit

Unit price must be at least $5,000

Equipment must stay in the zone for 3 years

Maximum refund = $5,000 / $10,000

Must be claimed within 6 months of purchase

Unlimited number of refunds.

New Jobs Credit for Sales Tax Effective June 7, 2006

Businesses that hire Enterprise Zone residents and Welfare Transition Program participants receive credits

Credit against Corporate Income Tax or Sales and Use Tax

Businesses must be located in the Enterprise Zone (EZ)

Employee must live and work in an Enterprise Zone (EZ)

Credit is for “new new jobs”

Must be a full time position (36 hours)

Credit is 20% / 30% of gross monthly wages.

Property Tax Credit

C Corporations that startup or expand within the Enterprise Zone and create new jobs, receive a credit for additional property taxes paid upon assessment.

Credit against Florida Corporate Income Tax only

New /


Coming soon.

For all questions relating to how you and your business can benefit from some of these incentives, please contact the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) of Dania Beach located in the Dania Beach City Hall, at 100 W Dania Beach Boulevards, Dania Beach, Fl 33004 or at 954-924-6801.

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Marine Industry PDF Print E-mail

South Florida’s shipyards are the second largest in the world catering to private mega yachts.  Clients based in the Mediterranean make the crossing for winter havens in the Caribbean calling upon Dania boatyards for repair and refurbishing.  The 1,500 mega yachts that visit South Florida annually have an average economic impact of almost $500,000 per visit.

The world class marine industry encompasses construction, supply, design, innovation and technology to ships and boats of many sizes and from many countries.  While The Maritime Officer’s Training center prepares staff for the marine industry, support services of caterers, contractors, refurbishers, fuellers, dockside attendees, and security personnel are some of the many varied jobs and opportunities that are provided to the marine community residing in and around Dania Beach.

The marine industry brings $13.6 billion dollars to the South Florida economy each year.  In Dania Beach, this translates into job opportunities for everyone.  With our share of the 73% employee work force in this industry, we are open for business.

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Interior Design / Art / Vintage & Antiques Center

South Florida is the southern US center for the Interior Design industry and support services. Securely anchored in Dania Beach, these businesses create a magnet for designers and their clients.  Buyers come from all over the world to access the finest in home, marine and office furnishings that can be found in DCOTA’s (Design Center of the Americas) large theater style showrooms.  DCOTA and the Dania Beach Design District feature imported and domestic name brands and specialty shops. These showrooms, shops and boutiques are well-known for their unique offerings.  Complimenting DCOTA and the Dania Beach Design District, is Downtown Dania Beach’s Vintage and Antique District. With approximately 60 shops featuring vintage treasures, antiques and original and reproduction art, many knowledgeable collectors make the trip to Dania Beach with a wish list in hand.

Other annual events, such as the Dania Marine Flea Market which draws 40,000 attendees and is the world’s largest nautical meet, provide additional opportunities for treasure hunting.  This heavily attended annual event attracts over 900 vendors displaying their new, used, antique and excess inventory. It is a haven for marine industry collectors. Additionally, the annual Vintage Motorcycle Show features over 200 bikes and draws more than 10,000 attendees. These annual events, along with other special events and occasions, combine to express the classic, yet eclectic flavor of Dania Beach’s design, art, vintage and antique offerings.

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Business and Shopping

Dania Beach business owners are as eclectic and authentic as each grain of sand while blending together with the design and harmony of the nautilus shell featured in the City Center cul-de-sac.

Dania Beach is open for business and the Community Redevelopment Agency welcomes the opportunity to discuss your business goals. Whether you have a new business idea or you own an existing business and desire to grow with your community, we have incentives available to help you. Contact us today! We look forward to “doing business”.

Downtown District
Design District/Art/Antiques

International Game Fish Association
Dania Beach Chamber of Commerce

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481 South Federal Hwy.
Dania Beach, Fl 33004
Outdoor World
JIMMIE'S Chocolates
148 N. Federal Hwy.
Dania Beach, FL 33004

Shop Downtown Dania beach

Popcorn Zone
64 S Federal Hwy
Dania Beach, FL 33004

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Sorry, no events after the previous listed date.
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Sorry, no events after the previous listed date.
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